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Get out most of your study time, take the best out of the Austrian and German educational system…….


ITM College specially recommends the study option of the German State University of Zittau/Görlitz.  IBS institute (Institut für berufsbegleitende Studien, Vienna) is offering this program on behalf of the University Zittau/Görlitz in Vienna. Therefore it is possible to continue your education in Austria and to earn an German degree! 

We offer you a plan for success with 


The perfect DIPLOMA & BACHELOR - PACKAGE for your career!

Bridging Package




ITM Diploma

* Level 5 European Reference Frame


Tourism Management*

* Level 6 European Reference Frame

Package Includes:

  • ITM College Diploma study program (applied)

    • Duration: 4 semester

    • Organisation form: Full Time

    • Goal of education: prepares for a professional career in the field of Tourism and Hospitality

    • Location: Bad Vöslau (Vienna Region)

    • Teaching language: English

    • State Diploma (Level 5 of the European Reference Framework, Level 6 can be applied for after several years of holding responsible job positions)


  • IBS Institute BA program (part time study program) of the applied University Zittau/Görlitz, Germany​​

    • Class hours: 1  weekend per month & 1 study week per semester

    • Goal for education: Prepares for the academic career

    • Location: Vienna (30 minutes distance by public transportation)

    • Teaching language: German

    • Bachelor of Arts (180 ECTS) by the German State University of Zittau/Görlitz (Level 6 of the European Reference Framework)

  • Organisation form: Part Time (employment of minimum 20 hours has to be proved)

  • Duration: 3 semester (fastest track)

Details of study journey from ITM to IBS:

  • During the complete 4 Semester programme, ITM will offer for all international students, German as foreign language from Basic up to A2 level. The level of B2/C1 is necessary, to be able to start your studies at the Hochschule Zittau/ Görlitz.

  • ITM students can be in contact with the IBS institute, which is responsible for the organization of the Bachelor program in Vienna. Therefore interested students will be able to prepare for the step-in accordingly.

  • In order to fulfill the language and part time working requirements, ITM offers individual „Bridging Package“ including additional German language lessons as well as support in finding part time jobs.

  • 20 % of the ITM program will be excursions to selected Austrian Tourism Institutions or Tourism Operators.  Besides gaining professional knowledge it will support the development of networks in the Austrian Tourism Economy and their decision makers.  It will also support your search for a professional job with a minimum of 20 hours per week.


  • The German State University of Zittau/ Görlitz will accredit up to 60 ECTS of the ITM program, therefore students will be able to finish their BA studies in 3 semesters (minimum duration).

  • The costs for those studies are in total Euro 8945.- (if 60 ECTS are accredited). IBS allows you to to pay in installments.

A chance to earn a Bachelor Degree in the shortest and fastest track after ITM!  With the “Plus Advantage of learning in German, ITM prepares B2/C1 German skills to achieve success.  This is a choice of a lifetime to gain two international degrees.

To know more about this unique program please visit the IBS homepage:

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