Application Process for International Students

Study in another country requires process, paperwork and procedure.  Please read through the steps carefully, this defines the journey and the proximity to the destination - ITM registration.

Step 1
Send the ITM College application form together with the following documents by e-mail to or mail it to ITM College, Johann Strauss Straße 2, 2540 Bad Vöslau, Austria:
- high school diploma
- birth certificate
- curriculum vitae
- motivation letter (300-500 words)
- copy of passport
- copy of national ID
Ensure the application form and all attachments are complete. 
All transcripts need to be authenticated by the country of origin to ensure the documents have the necessary validations required for international study. 
Documents are collated for proofing by the committee.  This will take a working week.
Step 2

Applications are proofed by the ITM admissions committee on the basis of the application requirements. Beside the minimum requirements the application will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Completed forms with all information clearly filled in

  • Attachments required are authenticated/validated from country of origin

  • Academic background: high school certificates, English language (optional), certifications in German, French or Spanish

  • You will be invited to a Skype interview.  This is a formal interview based on your application and information offered.

Step 3

Post the Skype interview, you will be informed in a working week of the status of your application

If successful, you will receive an email confirmation with a formal letter of acceptance.  The LoA will contain the details of your fee structure and the payment requirements to further process your admission into ITM College


Once you have remitted the costs of the first study year (registration fee, study fee 1 & 2 and  costs of the study materials) and a valid confirmation of your accommodation, you will begin to receive the additional documents required for the visa processing.

Step 4

ITM College will send the following documents to you: 

- Contract for the first year of studies in English language

- Confirmation of studies in German language 

- Confirmation of health insurance in German language if necessary

- Confirmation of accommodation in German language

Step 5

Application of the visa „Antrag auf Erteilung einer Aufenthaltsbewilligung für SCHÜLER“. The visa application form is available from ITM College website (download) and from the Austrian Embassy/Consulate. Please note that the embassy only deals with completely filled in applications that include all documents required (original authenticated documents plus certified translation in GERMAN language).  The following documents have to be handed in at the Austrian Embassy in your home country. The Embassy will assist you in filling in the visa application form:

- a copy of passport

- birth certificate apostilled

- passport photo

- housing confirmation 

- confirmation of the health insurance

- extract of criminal records

- copy of savings account

- study confirmation

- the properly completed visa application form

Please be aware that the processing of your visa application may require up to six months. Therefore  it is of utmost importance to apply for the visa as soon as you are in receipt of your study confirmation.
Visa Regulations

Applicants aged under 24 years need to proof that they are able to afford EUR 487,53 per month to cover the cost of living. Persons of 24 and older need to proof that they are able to afford a sum of EUR 882,78 per month to cover the cost of living. The visa will be issued for a duration of 1 calendar year so the total amount of EUR 5.850,36 (487,53 x 12) - under 24 years is due upon arrival in Austria. In case the visa application is turned down, ITM College will return the full amount of the first study year and the accommodation deducted by an EUR 500,00 handling fee. All bank charges are covered by the applicant.


For Visa Information please visit the following website:

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