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Tourism and Hotel Management


Finance and Business Op

English is widely spoken globally and is the key to your international success and the most spoken language worldwide. Perfect English language skills is a must have in the hotel and tourism field all over the world.

That is why, all courses are taught in English. In addition, language classes prepare them for assignment, report and project writing skills besides professional presentation and communication.


Students also have the opportunity to learn two additional European languages which will help them become more confident while working worldwide.

Whether you dream of having your own restaurant, organising tours or becoming a general manager at an international hotel chain - our program helps you acquire the skills and competences essential for this industry. 


Students explore the world of Hotel Management in the following courses: Hotel & Banquet Management, Restaurant Management, Practical Food Production, Nutrition & Dietary Trends and Wine Course. The field of Tourism and Leisure is covered in the courses Travel and Tourism, Tourism Management and Travel Agency Management.


The practical work experience on Campus allows students to apply the theory acquired in class in hotel operations.

ITM College has the potential to give students the necessary skills to build a professional career in hospitality and take off into a new and innovative entrepreneurial venture.


Students gain a professional understanding of how hotel and tourism organisations integrate business functions and focus on specific departmental responsibilities as well as cross-functional management skills. The content of the courses ranges from Business Administration, Accounting & Controlling to Economics, Marketing, Law and IT & software skills.

13 weeks internship

Hands-on-experience in the industry

After the 2nd semester, students have to complete a 13-week internship. 

Students sign a contract with ITM and the employer. 


ITM makes sure that the internship is a valid experience for the student and meets the requirements of the contract.  ITM has appropriate documentation that is to be completed by the student during this period and the employer to evaluate the training outcomes. 

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